With our unpredictable economy and market, there’s definitely a lot of fear for the future of community journalism. The advertising dollars surrounding journalism are going straight to digital content. Not only that, but many individuals are losing interest in local news altogether.

According to research analyst, Clara Henderickson, she says that few people have very little interest in reading up on their local news and that the audience still continues to shrink today.

“News consumers have become less inclined to follow local sources of news, instead preferring to read, listen, and watch content from outlets focused on national news coverage,”…

Referring to the Pew Research study article, I was honestly very surprised to see that TV news is still more popular than online news. My initial thought was that everyone prefers to find their local news online because it’s more convenient and they can look it up whenever they want.

According to that article, 41% of people prefer TV news and 37% prefer online news. Even as the preference for online news is close and continues to creep up on TV news, local television stations retain a strong hold in the local news ecosystem.

I’m not surprised that print news…

A journalist’s relationship with the public is a very crucial part within the field of journalism. When really thought about, the public is responsible for what journalist’s write about and how they do their jobs.

In the 2003 award winning film, Shattered Glass, we see immediately what can happen between journalists and the public when it’s not taken seriously. When reporting accurate and honest information isn’t given top priority, problems start to occur. Newspapers and the world of journalism in general can suffer while in the process of attempting to solve the issues.

Based on the true story of Stephen…

While in the process of doing this story, I learned many new things that I never knew about farmer’s markets. Not only are there locally grown produce there, but they have everything from cosmetics to flower bouquets. Everything there looked so much more fresh and looked better for you compared to purchasing them at your local grocery store.

Our main objective for our story was to ask the sellers what made them want to start their business. We wanted to know exactly what their inspiration was. …

Local journalism and local newspapers is a necessity for everyone. Without it, many individuals would be lost when it comes to their everyday lives.

“Conglomerates are draining every last thing of worth from local newspapers and leaving them to die. Capitalism run amok,” said Kevin Wilcoxon.

More than 1,300 communities across the nation are without any local news or newspapers. If this continues, soon almost everywhere will be without any local news or information at all and will spread like the plague.

What I found interesting within this article was that the decline of local journalism will lead to lower…

The Director of Transit at Liberty University says that Liberty Transit Services decided to alter their bus services this semester to “better service the students.”

The 70 Express bus route, which connected the DeMoss Hall bus stop no longer exists this semester due to the close proximity of the 71 bus stop to most areas on campus.

The department dropped three buses since they no longer run the 70 route. A new change was made and only Liberty-owned buses are escorting the students this semester. The Transit Services Staff says that the transition to using only Liberty-owned buses on campus was doable for Liberty because they already have enough in-house drivers.

Article: https://www.liberty.edu/champion/2019/11/libertys-transportation-services-undergo-a-structural-change-this-semester/

Chris Brown Holds High-End Yard Sale at His Los Angeles Home

Chris Brown held a high-end yard sale Wednesday at his Los Angeles home, with hundreds of fans waiting in line to get some of the singer’s stuff. According to the article, Chris Brown posted a flyer on his Instagram and Twitter Tuesday night that included the address to his mansion. People began gathering for the big sale late Tuesday night.

Billie Eilish, Lizzo, Dua Lipa, Cabello to Perform at the AMA’s

The two biggest breakthrough acts in the music this year, Billie Eilish and Lizzo, will perform at the…

Two key questions that every story should answer is, “what happened?”, and “why do I care?”. It’s important to think of these questions as the core as what you’re trying to do for your story.

So what happened? To help answer this question, you want to focus on the main aspects of the story by using some noun-verb-object construction. Once that is figured out, you want to start figuring out the who, what, where, when, why and how within the story. This is to help the audience see more of what happened within the story.

Why do I care? A…

Taylor Swift to Receive Artist of the Decade Award at AMAs

Superstar singer Taylor Swift will receive the artist of the decade award at the American Music Awards next month. According to the article, Dick Clark Productions announced Wednesday that Swift will be receiving her award live on ABC on Nov. 24 in Los Angeles. At the show, she has a chance to break Michael Jackson’s record for most wins.

“Friday” Actor-Comedian John Witherspoon dies at 77

Actor-comedian John Witherspoon, who memorably played Ice Cube’s father in the “Friday” films has died at age 77. According to the article, Witherspoon’s…

UK Police get 24 Hours to Question Truck Driver

British detectives are investigating the deaths of 39 people found in a refrigerated truck in southeastern England. According to the article, the driver is under suspicion of murder. Police say in a statement Thursday that all of the bodies found were Chinese citizens.

West Coast Sea Urchin Spike Kills Kelp, Hurts Fisheries

Tens of millions of sea urchins are spreading through underwater kelp forests in California. According to the article, they are spreading to Oregon sending the delicate marine ecosystem off the shore and other species are starving to death. …

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