Community Market Reflection

While in the process of doing this story, I learned many new things that I never knew about farmer’s markets. Not only are there locally grown produce there, but they have everything from cosmetics to flower bouquets. Everything there looked so much more fresh and looked better for you compared to purchasing them at your local grocery store.

Our main objective for our story was to ask the sellers what made them want to start their business. We wanted to know exactly what their inspiration was. We also wanted to know why they decided to start bringing their goods and products to a farmer’s market.

While doing this story, we didn’t want to only focus on the sellers but we wanted to get the buyers perspectives as well. We thought it was important to ask why the buyers preferred shopping at a farmers market rather than a typical grocery store.

Everything went well, however, the only downside was that since the market opened so early, it was extremely cold outside. My partner and I communicated very well together. We made sure to discuss which person was responsible for what part of the assignment.

Working with a partner made this experience much more enjoyable. Neither one of us were too familiar with farmers markets so it was cool to be able to learn more about them together. Having a partner is very beneficial while doing projects because you’re able to bounce your ideas off one another.

One person may think of an idea but the other person will think of a better idea, therefore, a better outcome. Or, in some cases, you may be able to combine both of your ideas.

The only thing I would’ve done differently was arrive at the market later because of how cold it was outside. I was very surprised at how many people were there so early in the morning.

After doing this project, it made me want to start attending farmer’s markets more often. I enjoyed seeing fresh food being prepared right in front of me and I enjoyed hearing people’s stories about the start of their businesses.